Tom Petty
with The Wallflowers 
May 11, 2001
Idaho Center

May 11, 2008

Fox Theater
ZZ Top
Aug. 5, 2008

Idaho Center
Size: 15.5" x 24"
Size: 17" x 36"
Size: 18" x 24"

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My screen printed tour posters are first and foremost intended to advertise upcoming events, and sell tickets. They are hung up all over the country in local record stores or ticketing outlets or anywhere that people are allowed, or not allowed to hang posters. While the posters are up, they can become damaged from the elements. The result is that these posters end up being very rare. Especially in decent condition. Many are removed by collectors who want them for their tour poster collections, displayed in their homes, or taken down by those who intend to sell them. Occasionally, I will get a few back that are still in excellent condition. Usually I am reluctant to sell these. The best way to get one of my posters is at auction. Or at an art gallery that has one for sale.

My posters do sometimes end up being put on ebay by third parties.

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